Please read the info below before filling out a Foster Application. (Must be 21 or over)

**Covid-19 Update: Due to the virus, we are closed to walk-in traffic but you can schedule an appointment during business hours to meet our rescued rabbits, speak with our Rescue Shelter manager/volunteers, and take a look around our store.

We are currently slowing our fostering program due do an overwhelming outreach of foster homes!

Please DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU FROM SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION. As soon as we have the resources for additional foster homes, we would love to have the opportunity for you to be one of our foster families!


One of the greatest ways you can help support the GHRS is by fostering our rescued bunnies. Every day, we receive phone calls and emails from people who want to surrender their rabbit, people who have found an abandoned rabbit, and area animal control facilities who have bunnies scheduled to be euthanized.

Our Shelter space is limited, so unless we have room, we cannot take in other rabbits in jeopardy. The solution to this problem is our foster homes who help house our bunnies and take care of them until space becomes available at our shelter or until the bunny gets directly adopted.

Foster bunnies are still officially under the care of our organization which means, WE PROVIDE FOR THEIR CARE while they are in foster homes! Though it is always appreciated if our fosters can provide some of the essentials, we gladly furnish exercise pens, pellets, litter boxes and bowls. We also cover the rabbit’s medical care through our preferred veterinarian, as well as any necessary medications! Being a foster parent means giving love and companionship to a bunny not undertaking a huge financial burden. Click here for even more reasons to be a foster!



Fostering is relatively simple as well as rewarding! The goal is to provide a bunny with a safe, loving environment until space opens up at our shelter. The process starts by filling out and submitting a Foster Application. All fosters new to GHRS are also required to read our Bunny 101 Handout (which is a crash course on proper bunny care). A foster coordinator will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for you to come to our shelter and take a quick Bunny Quiz! Once you are approved as a foster home, you will be given a bunny to take home to live with you.

We ask that you care for your foster bunny like you would your own rabbit, which means giving them a comfortable place to live, showering them with love and affection, and keeping them healthy and properly cared for.  Fostering ranges from 4 weeks to indefinitely (depending on your commitment desires).  We especially need foster homes that can rotate bunnies in and out every 4-6 weeks.  Bunnies who are ready for adoption will be listed on our sites as available for adoption while they are under foster care.

Since foster bunnies are still officially under the care of GHRS, we help provide for their needs so that fostering is not a large financial burden to you.  We provide exercise pen, food and water bowls, and a litter box.  You are asked to provide daily greens, and we can assist with pellet food, litter and hay if not in your budget.


Fosters who have not previously adopted from us will need to:

  • Read the Bunny 101 Handout and take a Bunny Quiz at our shelter to make sure you understand the basics of bunny care-taking. If you are under age 21, we need parental consent and one of them will need to be present for your foster visit.

  • Have access to transportation so that the bunny could be taken to the vet when medically necessary or back to the shelter when needed.

  • Make time and space for your foster bunny to exercise DAILY.

  • And, maybe most important of all, we ask you shower your foster bunny with love and affection, as we believe each of these rescued bunnies deserve to feel special!



If you would like to apply to become a foster home for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, please fill out our Foster Application.  You can do this online or by mail. The links to both of these forms are below:



For additional questions about our Foster Home program, or if you did not get a reply to your application within 3-4 business days, please email

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