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Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster home! There are a few important things we want to make you aware of before beginning the Foster Application Process. Please read through these items before you move on to fill out the Foster Application below!

  • All GHRS rabbits must be housed (and exercised) in a climate-controlled area of your home and remain inside at all times.

  • Fostering is free! We provide everything that our rabbits need except for their DAILY fresh, washed greens while in your care.

  • We don’t hold adoption events. If someone is interested in meeting your foster, we will ask you to bring your foster to the shelter at a scheduled time to be available to meet their possible adopter. We never send adopters to your home or ask you to be in contact with potential adopters. This is a task we take on ourselves.

  • Our Foster Program is essential for enriching the lives of our rabbits by helping them have one-on-one time with loving people in safe and comfortable surroundings. Some rabbits may be ineligible for fostering, for example, if they are on hold for medical reasons or for adoption. Other rabbits need time to get used to their new lives and are in desperate need of fostering. All our rabbits are spayed/neutered and healthy before they are available for fostering.

  • If you fall in love with your foster rabbit, you have the first option to adopt. Even if we have a potential adopter interested in your foster, we still offer you the chance to adopt first.

  • If you choose not to adopt, you can either bring in your current foster on the agreed upon date and swap for another, or you can choose to take a break until the timing is right for you to come in and pick up a new foster.

  • If you are not immediately fostering another rabbit, we will ask you to please return the supplies provided to you so that we may have them available for another foster home.

  • We will schedule a return date for your foster at the time you take them home. If your situation changes and you can no longer care for your foster rabbit, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make space at the shelter to get them back in. We appreciate 1-2 weeks notice but understand that emergencies happen!

Thank you again for wanting to be part of our Foster Home Program and we look forward to speaking with you soon!


Jennifer McGee

Georgia House Rabbit Society

Chapter Manager/Shelter Manager

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First, please read the “Bunny 101: Learning the Basics of Rabbit Care” booklet carefully.

This VERY important booklet will explain the type of care we expect for our rabbits in foster's (and adopter's) homes. You'll take a Bunny Knowledge Quiz based on this info when you visit our shelter so be sure to read it thoroughly.  (These steps in no way mean you have to commit to just helps us have all of the info we need upfront.) 


Next, fill out a Foster Application Form. (Must be 21 or older.) This form will give us the basic information we need to know about you!


Please review and sign The Foster Home AgreementThis agreement lays out the rules of fostering and lets us know you have read and understand them.


If you rent your home, please send landlord or leasing agency approval stating that you are approved to house a rabbit in your home to


After you’ve completed the items above, email to schedule an appointment to visit the shelter and take your Bunny Knowledge quiz (based on the information in the “Bunny 101), and to meet the potential foster rabbits. Approved foster homes can take supplies and a foster rabbit home the same day.


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