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Please note: New volunteers must be at least 16 years old. (As a non-profit, we are able to offer court related community service hours. Please email us to let us know what type of offense was committed and how many hours you need to fill by what date.)


Would you like to spend some quality time in the company of fluffy little bunnies and contribute to their well-being? Would offering up some of your free time to a local non-profit organization lift your spirits?

Then you’re in the right place! The Georgia House Rabbit Society is the largest of only a few standalone facilities for rabbit rescue in Georgia, and without the help of volunteers, it wouldn’t exist! Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of this rescue including feeding the bunnies, cleaning the shelter, stocking supplies, doing laundry, helping in our Hop Shop store, answering the phones, and helping at events. Volunteers do it all! And we need your help!

We need volunteers for all days of the week and most hours of the day, not just during shelter hours. We can be flexible with anyone willing to offer their precious time to help us. 

Here is a list of some of our shelter needs to keep the bunnies healthy and happy. If you have the time to give, we can use your help!

FEEDING: You’ll become one of the favorite humans with this volunteer position! The rabbits housed at our shelter are fed both in the mornings and the evenings. You would distribute hay, water, and pellets or fresh greens to the rescue bunnies (as well as occasional treats)! Bunnies get to know their caretakers always look forward to feeding time!

DAILY CLEANING: For those looking for a less intense cleaning activity, you may enjoy being a “daily cleaner.” If you’d like to help us tidy up the Center a bit, this position might be right for you! This is a quick cleanup of our adoptable bunnies’ pens and normal activities include adding fresh hay to litter pans, refilling water bowls, washing laundry, cleaning up “accidents” and other light straightening up around the pens.

White rabbit eating greens

DEEP CLEANING: If you’re a hands-on person who’s not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, twice a week (usually Tuesdays and Fridays) we do an all-out cleaning of our bunny pens. This includes emptying and cleaning litter boxes, thoroughly wiping down pens, putting down clean towels, giving clean bowls, doing some of the never-ending laundry, and loading/running the dishwasher. Though the work isn’t always glamorous, you do get to spend a lot of up close and personal time with the bunnies. As a “deep cleaner” you’ll get to know each of them and their personalities. We depend greatly on our “deep cleaners” not only because of the invaluable service of cleaning they provide, but also, the friendships they form with the bunnies. They help us identify possible health issues and gauge bunny personalities so that we can provide accurate bios and information about them to potential adopters! 

GROOMING: To keep our bunnies happy, healthy, and looking their best, each needs a certain amount of grooming. Brushing isn’t complicated or demanding work and you get to love on all of the cute bunnies at the Center!

FOSTERING: We’re also always in need of Foster Homes for our bunnies. If you think you have the space and love to spare, please consider hosting a rabbit for a temporary stay! Click here for more info!

Volunteer holding a rabbit

HOP SHOP HELPER: We have a store at the shelter called “The Hop Shop” where we sell everything a rabbit and rabbit owner could ever need or want. While others volunteers may be busy tending to bunnies, we still need people helping our loyal human customers. Are you 

a "people person" who also

knows a lot about rabbits 

and rabbit care or willing to

learn? This could be a great

fit for you! (Must be 18 or


EVENTS: We take part in several events throughout the year as well as hosting our own fundraisers. We are always looking for people willing to help us arrange, organize and set up for these special occasions. Not only will you be helping save bunnies, but you will get to work alongside other awesome volunteers and the general public. Since events help us gain supporters and raise funds for our rescue efforts, your organization skills are an essential contribution!

ODD JOBS: If you have some time to give but can’t devote consistent hours, there are plenty of tasks you can help with to keep our Shelter hopping along! Some of our odd jobs around the Center may include making hidey boxes, tackling the ever-growing laundry pile, loading the dishwasher, tending to the landscaping, or sweeping the floors.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we do offer service hours for school or work as well as most types of court-ordered community service.

There are so many ways you can help and we always have things to do. If you would like to offer your time, please contact us by filling out our Volunteer Sign-up Form to get started!

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Sleeping bunny next to food
Rex bunny being pet in the shelter
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they have the heart quote by Elizabeth Andrew
Lop brown and white rabbit in shelter