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Please note: New volunteers must be at least 16 years old.


With around 130 bunnies in our shelter at any given time, the Georgia House Rabbit Society depends on the help of volunteers - so thank you for your interest in helping us! 


Wondering whether the shelter is the right volunteering activity for you? Here are the tasks our volunteers do:

  • Clean the bunnies' pens - we need very thorough, detailed, focused cleaners. There are a LOT of pens to clean!

  • Clean up poop and pee - you need to be comfortable with this. Bunnies can poop ~200 times a day!

  • Change the bunnies' litter boxes and clean out when dirty.

  • Clean and replenish water bowls

  • Shake out and launder blankets/towels

  • Yard work - we can always use help with yard work, but you must be able to bring your own equipment/tools.

Important things to keep in mind

  • If you think you may have trouble staying on task for an extended period of time or working independently, this is not the right volunteer opportunity for you. You must be comfortable taking direction, adhering to guidelines, and working independently.

  • The work is very physical - lifting, bending, carrying, walking up and down stairs. It can be a true workout!

  • You will likely be handling hay - if you have allergies, be sure to take/bring allergy medicine and let us know you have allergies when you send in the volunteer application.

  • Bunnies can scratch and bite - we will show you ways to avoid or minimize this, but it's always a possibility.

  • Wear comfy clothes and sneakers that can get dirty. Bring plastic gloves if you want (we usually have some available also).

White rabbit eating greens
Sleeping bunny next to food

Looking to spend a lot of time petting or playing with the bunnies? BECOME A FOSTER HOME! We’re always in need of Foster Homes for our bunnies.

Community service: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we offer volunteer hours for court-ordered community service for drinking and/or driving-related charges. When you apply, please email us a picture or copy of a document showing the charge.

Have any questions at all? Email us!

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Lop brown and white rabbit in shelter
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