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For info on adoption and a link to the Adoption Process, click HERE!   (Must be 21 or over to adopt)


All of our available rabbits are listed below. We encourage  you not to judge a rabbit based solely on appearances but by personality and the connection you have with them when you meet them.  Please schedule an appointment through our foster or adoption process (this doesn't commit you to anything, it just helps us schedule appointment times due to RHDV-2 restrictions we have in place at our shelter). What is RHDV-2?

If you are concerned you may be away for long hours during the day, we strongly suggest that you consider adopting a pair of rabbits. They are very social creatures and will be much happier with a companion to groom and snuggle with while you are away from home. Read more here about the benefits of having a bonded pair of rabbits.

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Our system lists each rabbit INDIVIDUALLY, even BONDED pairs of rabbits. Please read the descriptions on their profile pages to see whether or not they are bonded. BONDED PAIRS MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER.

Adoption or Foster Appointments are required to visit our rabbits.

Please see Adoption Process or Foster Process to schedule an appointment.

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