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Thank you for your interest in adopting rescued rabbits! There are a few important things we want to make you aware of before beginning the Adoption Application Process. Please read through these items before you move on to fill out the Adoption Application below!

  • All GHRS rabbits must be housed (and exercised) in a climate-controlled area of your home.

  • Housing a rabbit in a bedroom is not encouraged since they have different sleep cycles than humans. They need to be in a central area of the home so they will feel like part of the family.

  • Rabbits have individual personalities, so we encourage you not to decide based solely on appearance. 

  • The initial investment for adopting one of our spayed/neutered rabbits is generally $250-$300. This includes the adoption fee, spay/neuter surgery, ex-pen (enclosure), carrier, litter box, food and water bowls, pellets, hay, treats and toys. A detailed list of these items and costs is below under the "New Rabbit Checklist."  If you have already purchased supplies, please email photos to so that we may review and address any items that may be unsafe. Unfortunately, many products that are marketed as "rabbit" supplies at pet stores are harmful to a rabbit! We are here to help guide you away from those products.

  • The rabbit’s pen (bedroom) needs to be at least 16 square feet and a minimum of 30” in height but 36” is our recommended height.

  • We want the best lives for our rescued rabbits. If at any time you are unable to care for them or no longer want them, they MUST be returned to us. We always accept our rabbits back into our shelter and do NOT allow anyone else to rehome them.

Thank you again for wanting to be an adoptive home for rescued rabbits! We look forward to speaking with you!


Jennifer McGee

Georgia House Rabbit Society

Chapter Manager/Shelter Manager

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First, please read the “Bunny 101: Learning the Basics of Rabbit Care” booklet carefully.

This VERY important booklet will explain the type of care we expect for our rabbits in their adoptive homes. You'll take a Bunny Knowledge Quiz based on this info when you visit our shelter so be sure to read it thoroughly.  (These steps in no way mean you have to commit to just helps us have all of the info we need upfront.) 



Next, look through the “New Rabbit Checklist” so you can be aware of the items that you will need. We have most of these items available in our “Hop Shop” at the shelter, and as an adopter you will receive a year of membership at our shelter which gives you 10% off your purchases and discounted boarding rates! All of the profit goes directly to the care of the rabbits at GHRS. If you have already purchased any items for a new rabbit, please send photos of those items (food, housing, etc.).



If you rent your home, please send proof of your landlord or leasing agency approval stating that you are approved to house a rabbit in your home to



You can submit an ADOPTION APPLICATION HERE.  (Must be 21 or older.) After you submit your adoption application, please complete the last step below!



After you’ve completed the items above, email to schedule an appointment to visit the shelter and take a Bunny Knowledge quiz (based on the information in the “Bunny 101 Booklet"), and to meet our adoptable rabbits. Approved adoptive homes can take supplies and adopt a rabbit the same day. If you are applying to BOND your existing rabbit, please also send photos of your rabbit's housing and proof of their spay/neuter. Thank you!


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