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Rabbits can live to be 10-14 years old. Are you ready for that commitment? If so, read on!


Before starting your online adoption application, please read through our Care & Diet section to become familiar with the specific needs of a rabbit and how to keep them healthy and happy.


Our Adoption Process requires the following:

  • Attend our Bunny 101 Class. This approximately 2 hour class is only $5 per family and includes a goodie bag of healthy rabbit treats. This will be your crash course on how to properly prepare for and care for a rabbit. The class is casual and held at our shelter. See the Bunny 101 page for upcoming dates. (Reservations required.)

  • Fill out and submit an online Adoption ApplicationIt states that you agree to provide a safe indoor environment for the rabbit, provide food, water, daily play time, and any needed medical care. It also states that if for any reason you can no longer care for the rabbit, the rabbit will be returned to us. (No one is permitted to rehome any rabbit that has been adopted out from us.)

  • Speak with an adoption counselor or manager for final approval for adoption. This can be done before or after the class depending on your situation and schedule.

Not sure if you're ready to commit to Adoption?


Come visit our Center anytime during our normal business hours to meet our rescued rabbits, speak with our Rescue Center managers and volunteers, and take a look around our store. We have everything you will need for your rabbit at our onsite Hop Shop and all of the items we carry in our store are safe for your rabbit. Our prices are competitive or lower than pet store prices AND when you purchase at our store, you will be supporting the care for our adoptable rabbits. All profits go directly toward funding the shelter and provide vet care, food, and housing. If you choose to purchase your supplies from a pet store instead, please let us know and we can help you avoid buying unnecessary or even potentially harmful items.

Our bunnies are rotated between the Rescue Center and foster homes, so please let us know ahead of time if you are interested in a particular rabbit so we can make sure they will be at the Center to meet you. Remember the saying that you can't judge a book by its cover? The same can be said for rabbits. They have a variety of different looks and personalities and even though you may have a certain look or size in mind, the most important part is seeing who you get along with the best. 

We have an adoption fee of $80 for one rabbit, $130 for a pair. This fee helps cover some of the cost of the spay and neuter for each rabbit. 

AFTER ADOPTION: We are always available for questions or concerns you have regarding your new arrival. Within 2 weeks, you can expect a follow up call from an adoption counselor to get check in on how everyone’s doing. Adopting from GHRS automatically gives you a 1 year membership which entitles you to discounts at our store and on boarding and grooming services.  You will also receive our e-newsletters with shelter updates, rabbit care information, stories of our foster bunnies, and invitations to our special events.

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