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Our Shelter offers a full list of grooming services!


Please make an appointment through our online Hop Shop form (click here)

  • Nail Clipping $10

  • Scent Gland Cleaning $10

  • Ear Cleaning $5

  • Brushing:

    • Brushing (no mats): $5

    • Brushing/Light mat removal: $10

    • Heavy mat removal: $25+ (per 30 minutes) - please email for appointment

  • Hygienic Booty Trim: $5-$25 (depending on length of time needed)

  • Booty Bath: $10

NOTE: Never bathe a bunny!

We only "spot clean" as needed. Bathing a bunny can cause shock or hypothermia which can lead to death. If a rabbit is heavily soiled for any reason, contact your veterinarian for medical evaluation because a soiled rabbit is often an ill rabbit.

Monday  11am – 6pm
Tuesday  11am – 5pm
Wednesday  11am – 6pm
Thursday  11am – 5pm
Friday  11am – 5pm
Saturday  12pm – 5pm
Sunday – Closed


Nail Trims are typically needed for your rabbit every two months. If you aren't comfortable clipping your bunny's nails, we can do it for you! This typically takes us less than 5 minutes to complete.


We suggest that Scent Glands should probably be checked at the same time as nail trims are done. Some rabbits produce more scent musk than others and some may never really need a cleaning. We'll be happy to check them for you to help keep your bunny comfortable! This in combination with a nail trim typically takes us less than 5 minutes for us to complete.



Help prevent blockages in your rabbit's GI Tract by regularly grooming your bunny. If your bunny needs a little more grooming attention because of mats or a heavy shed, we can help! Angoras and other long-haired rabbits need special attention when it comes to their fur. If your long-haired bunny has mats or need their hair trimmed, let us help

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