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Did you know that little bunny sitting next to you is a descendant of the European rabbit? Her ancestors were known for living in large, complex communities in underground warrens. Like their European relatives, today's domesticated rabbits are social, highly communicative creatures who possess a strong desire for interaction, affection and companionship. Sadly, rabbits' need for social interaction is often underestimated or misunderstood and the result is that the majority of bunnies wind up living life alone. This is where a bunny friend can make all the difference.

Two brown rabbits bonded together


Although a loving and responsible owner can provide a rabbit with a comfortable life, there are benefits to bonding your bunny and sharing your home with two instead of one. 

  • Having a bunny companion for company is much more fulfilling for your rabbit! Even the most attentive bunny owner with the best intentions can’t give their rabbit the same kind of attention another bunny can. Rabbits will instinctively understand each other. They speak the same language, enjoy the same games, eat the same food, and appreciate sharing a daily routine. Rabbits thrive in the company of other rabbits where they can play, socialize, groom, and cuddle in their unique way.

  • Bonded rabbits are healthier, happier rabbits and tend to live longer lives. Having a loving partner helps to calm a rabbit, thereby reducing their levels of stress and allowing them to better cope with new experiences or environments. You will find your bunny will better tolerate car rides, boarding away from home, noise and other disturbances when they have a friend. Since stress can take a toll on a rabbit’s health, the benefits are not only psychological but physical, too.

  • Rabbit partners provide a source of comfort and company during times of illness. A rabbit will often tend to their sick partner, giving affection and providing emotional support.

  • And last but not least…when you adopt from our Shelter, you save two lives...the life of your new bunny friend and the life the next rabbit waiting to get in. Your adoption frees up invaluable space at our Center so we may save the next bunny in line. 



  • What about the expense associated with caring for two rabbits? With the exception of vet care, you should already have many of the basic supplies needed which means little additional upfront cost! Providing an extra handful of greens and pellets each day will be an insignificant expense. And boarding two rabbits here at the shelter is only just a few dollars more a day!

  • What about the additional cleanup? Caring for two rabbits is no more work than caring for one. The clean up of their space and changing of their litter will be exactly the same.

  • If my rabbit has a friend, will she treat me differently?  Your bunny's new friend fulfills different needs for your bun, so they will still love you and enjoy the affection you give. If you find your bunny doesn’t run up to greet you the same crazy way she used to, don’t see this as a bad thing! It probably meant that she was lonely and desperate for company. Instead, be happy for her knowing that her days and nights will now be spent in the company of a fuzzy forever friend!


Once you see your bunny interact with her partner, you will realize that for all the love and attention you may give your bunny, that you really can’t replace the affection and companionship they receive from another bunny friend.


If you have a single rabbit and would like to bond them to a companion, please contact us at We have staff on hand who are experts at pairing rabbits and will help you with the process!

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