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Bondings can be complicated and over the years we have developed a process that has given us a great success rate. Typically, we have found that bondings work best when rabbits are approximately a year old or older. We require all rabbits to be spayed/neutered for a minimum of 30 days and be up to date on their annual RHDV-2 vaccine. (The Medgene vaccine is a 2-dose vaccine given 21 days apart and achieves full effectiveness 14 days after the SECOND injection. This totals 35 days from the 1st vaccine dose. We can bond your rabbit after the effective dates have been met.) If you need a veterinarian for spay/neuter or vaccination, we have a list of suggested veterinarians HERE on our website which is updated regularly based on feedback we receive from their clients and our rescue's own experiences.

  1. If you haven't adopted from us before or haven't adopted from us within the past year, your first step will be to complete our Adoption Process before you can set up an appointment for bonding.

  2. Once you have been approved to adopt, we will set up a date and time for you to bring your current rabbit to our shelter.

  3. When you arrive, you will take the Bunny 101 Quiz and then you will meet the available buns (usually the opposite sex works best) and make a list of the top five rabbits your are drawn to the most.

  4. Your rabbit will stay with us between 4 and 7 nights during the course of which they will meet the rabbits on your list one at a time (bunny speed-dating) under supervision.

  5. Once we narrow it down to "the one," they will spend their first night together in a large shared enclosure.

  6. The following day and night, we will do some territory testing between them and gradually downsize the size of their enclosure over the next few days.

  7. While your rabbit is with us, you will need to neutralize the territory they will be sharing in your home by cleaning (to remove any scent from your original bunny). You will need to remove any toys or hidey boxes for a week to help avoid territory issues. All that should remain in the pen after cleaning should be a water bowl, a litter box and neutral floor covering (such as a new low pile carpet).

  8. When they have had 3 successful nights together at the shelter, they will be ready to head home!

  9. They will make the trip home in the same carrier. Note: If one rabbit ever needs to go somewhere, for example, to the see the veterinarian, BOTH rabbits need to go together in order to not break their bond.

  10. Once you get home, you'll need to keep them in their enclosure for 3 full days (no exercise time outside of the pen) to give each of them time to get used to being there together.

  11. After they have had a full week together in your home without issues, you can begin to gradually add in toys and hidey boxes. We will provide contact information if you have any questions or concerns about them and their bonding.

  12. GHRS Bonding Services (rates beginning 9/01/2023):

    • $75 Bonding Fee:

      • Bonding to one of our adoptable rabbits OR bonding between two rabbits you own

    • $15 Nightly Boarding Fee per personal rabbit:

      • Nightly boarding rate per personal rabbit at the shelter specifically for bonding (For example: If you have 2 rabbits not adopted from GHRS, it will be $30 per night plus the $75 bonding fee)

Still have questions? Email us!​

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