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To help you get an idea of the expenses associated with rabbit ownership, we've put together a list of one-time costs, monthly costs, costs every two months, and general annual medical and grooming costs. We have most of these items available in our “Hop Shop” at the shelter, and as an adopter you will receive a year of membership at our shelter which gives you 10% off your purchases and discounted boarding rates!

All of the profit goes directly to the care of the rabbits at GHRS.

We can also suggest rabbit savvy veterinarians for your rabbit's medical care.

Costs for New Rabbit-01.png
Costs for New Rabbit-02.png

Adoption Fee

Bonded Rabbits


We have an adoption fee of $100 for one rabbit or $150 for an already bonded pair. This fee helps recover some of the cost of the spay/neuter, RHDV-2 Vaccination, and daily care for each rabbit.

Travel Carrier



Any time you need to move your rabbit from your house to another location, for example, a vet visit, you will need to have a carrier on hand for their safety.

Exercise Pen



A dog-sized exercise pen is the appropriate size housing for a rabbit's "bedroom." Typically, they are 4x4 sqft wide and 30-36 inches tall. All other types of enclosures must be approved.


Litter box


You will need a cat-sized litter box so that the rabbit can fit in it completely. Rabbits are grazing herbivores which means they will eat and poop at the same time.

Water & Food Bowl

Food-Water Bowls.png

$14-$25 for both

Never use water bottles (leads to multiple health problems). Heavy ceramic based bowls/crocks will prevent the rabbit from flipping and spilling food/water.

Proper Flooring


Please consult our Bunny 101 Handout for appropriate flooring.

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Costs for New Rabbit-04.png

Daily Fresh Greens


Approximately $40

Each rabbit needs a daily variety of THREE DIFFERENT CLEANED leafy green veggies. We have a list of safe veggies and a veggie wash recipe in our Bunny 101 Booklet.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay


Rabbits need unlimited hay. We carry a variety of Oxbow brand hay and sell Timothy Hay by "the flake." Flakes are pieces of 120 lb bales that we separate and sell.




Have multiple different types of toys to keep your bunny entertained! It provides enrichment and helps to alleviate boredom and destructive tendencies.


Healthy Oxbow Treats


Papaya, Apple Branches, Timothy Hay based treats, and dried willow rings all make great healthy treats. Always limit sugary treats and never feed seeds, corn, or nuts.

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Costs for New Rabbit-06.png

Food Pellets

Selective House Rabbit Formula picture.jpg


Science Selective House Rabbit Formula is our go-to pellet because of its high quality ingredients, affordability, and availability. Please do not purchase food before adoption. 

Probios Biscuits



Probios is an optional rabbit-safe probiotic that rabbits can have daily to help maintian gut health.

Safe Litter 

Tractor Supply


Equine Pine Pellets or Care Fresh (or newspaper) are used to absorb urine in the litter box. NEVER USE CLUMPING OR CLAY CAT LITTER,  CEDAR OR PINE SHAVINGS, CORN-COB OR SILICA-GEL LITTER.

Nail Trim


Nail Trim

Nail trims at our shelter are $10 per rabbit. Nail trims at groomers or vet clinics are typically $25+.

Scent Gland Cleaning


SG Cleaning

We suggest having the scent glands checked at the same time as the nail trim. Cost at our shelter is $10 per rabbit and typically $20+ at groomers or vet clinics.

Ear Cleaning


Lop-eared and special needs rabbits such as tri-pods or elderly rabbits need regular ear cleanings. Cost at our shelter is $5 per rabbit and typically $15+ at groomers or vet clinics.



Long haired breeds such as Angoras or Jersey Woolies especially need constant grooming. Cost at our shelter starts at $5 and can be $50+ for long-haired breeds. Groomers or vet clinics typically start around $50+.

Costs for New Rabbit-07.png

Routine Annual Exam: $100+

Rabbits should see a savvy vet on an annual basis. Their teeth should be checked under anesthesia and have blood-work done. Older rabbits should have appointments twice a year. 

RHDV-2 Vaccination: $120+

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 (RHDV-2) is a highly contagious disease caused by a calicivirus that affects only domestic and wild rabbits. It has now been detected in Georgia and all domestic rabbits should be vaccinated annually. GHRS rabbits have already received their first vaccination and is incuded in their adoption fee.

Emergency Vet Care: $300-$1000+

Rabbits are "exotic" animals and require specialized care from trained veterinarians (not typical dog/cat vet care).

Spay/Neuter Surgery (if you purchase an unaltered rabbit)

$180-$210 Low-cost neuter/spay day at Windward Animal Hospital (GHRS preferred vet)

$280-$450 Average neuter/spay at other veterinary clinics

ALL GHRS rabbits are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Medications: Cost Varies

Prices vary depending on severity and length of illnesses.

Baby Gas Drops: $6-$15 

Baby gas drops (simethicone) can help your rabbit feel more comfortable if they are experiencing gas pain. It's good to make sure you always have some on hand.

Thermometer: $10-$25

You will need a small flexible tipped thermometer on hand to be able to temp your rabbit at the earliest sign of distress. We are happy to teach you how to take a rabbit's temperature.

Supplies for Nail Trims at Home

Nail Clippers: $5-$18

Styptic Powder: $10-$15 This helps stop the bleeding if you hit the quick in your rabbit's nail.

Small Flashlight: $5-$10 Used to light up the toenail from behind so you can see the nail quick.