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It is so rewarding to be a foster. Here are a few reasons we think it will be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for you:

1) Fostering saves lives! By opening up your home, you literally give us space to save another!

2) Because fostering is temporary, it is a great solution for those who cannot commit to adoption because of circumstance! We understand that for some people, committing to an animal's care for years (as in the case of a rabbit, a possible 10 years plus) isn’t possible. For those people who anticipate major life changes, fostering is a great way to have the benefits of animal companionship without the years of commitment.

3) Fostering is a great way to experience living with a rabbit before committing to adoption. If you have considered adoption but are not sure if a rabbit is right for you, fostering on a temporary basis is a great way to test out the waters. In the process, you will learn about rabbit care and behavior through our classes and get the opportunity to live with a cute little bunny. After all, adoption is a lifelong commitment, so why not make sure it is the right decision for both you and the bunny first?

4) Finding a rabbit with a personality you really click with can make all the difference in the world, yet deciding on which rabbit to adopt and be can be difficult. Each bunny has a different personality. Inviting a rabbit into your home, getting them away from the shelter setting, and building a rapport with them is the best way to really get to know them. You can find the bunny you will fall in love with while helping save others at the same time!

5) Volunteering to help a rescue organization is a wonderful and gratifying experience! By fostering, not only will you play a significant role in our rescue efforts, but you will also become part of a network of generous and caring people. Fostering will leave you feeling good about yourself and your role in helping save lives, and you also get to know some wonderful people in the process!

6) Offering our home to one of our rescue rabbits can give them a much needed break from life at the shelter! While some rabbits find the shelter perfectly comfortable, others thrive in a more relaxed setting, with more individual attention and surrounded by fewer bunnies. By fostering, you’ll be giving a bunny the much needed vacation they deserve!

7) Fostering is FUN! You don’t need to commit to adoption to enjoy the benefits of being around bunnies. Bunnies are wonderful companions; loving,  entertaining, quiet and adorable. With fostering, you can enjoy living with a bunny during the times you have a little extra room and love to give.

Interested in volunteering as a foster? Start the Foster Process here!

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