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Veterinary Care Of Rabbit Teeth


One medical issue that is often seen in rabbits involves problems with their teeth. Tooth issues can lead to very serious problems if not treated quickly. When a rabbit can't eat properly, they can go into stasis. Unfortunately, sometimes these problems can be overlooked.

If your bunny is not eating, dropping their food, salivating or showing signs of distress, it is possible they are experiencing pain caused by a dental problem. A thorough exam of their mouth by a qualified vet is in order!

They should be checking for:

  • Malformed teeth which can rub or cut the tongue or cheeks of the rabbit.

  • Cracked teeth also cause pain and will keep a rabbit from eating.

  • Overgrown teeth which makes it difficult if not impossible for the rabbit to eat and in severe cases, grow into the surrounding tissues causing terrible pain.

A veterinarian experienced in rabbit care will be able to recognize these problems and provide the proper treatment as well as make dietary recommendations to try to avoid a repeat of the situation.

Obtaining a correct diagnosis, treatment plan, and medication is extremely important...often the difference between life and death. ONLY use a veterinarian proven to have the knowledge and experience to treat a rabbit. Finding a rabbit savvy vet is very important for any bunny owner and it is wise to find one before an emergency arises. The national House Rabbit Society has a comprehensive article on their website with advice on how to choose the best veterinarian for your rabbit. Their article can be found here.

Even when a bunny yawns, you cannot see his back molars making it very important for a rabbit knowledgeable vet with the right equipment to check them regularly.

This spike on the upper arcade of teeth is very sharp and gouging into the cheek every time the bunny tries to chew. This will eventually discourage the bunny from eating which is a very dangerous situation and must be treated immediately.

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