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How To Take Your Rabbit’s Temperature

It is crucial for every rabbit owner to know how to take a rabbit’s temperature. It is a first step in determining your next course of action when your rabbit is not quite themselves. Though it isn’t difficult, it can be intimidating at first. For those of you who are not familiar with how to take a rabbit’s temperature, we put together an instructional video that shows you the process.  We strongly encourage every bunny owner to take the time to learn how to properly take a reading BEFORE you face a crisis.

Ronda Churchwell, an Educator and former GHRS Co-chapter Manager, takes you through the process with the help of Q-Tip, one of our former resident rabbits. 

We hope that this video will help provide you with the information needed to give your bunny the best care possible. We invite you to share this video with others so that every bunny owner is prepared when and if an emergency arises!

For more detailed information about rabbit body temperature as well as serious illnesses, please visit our page titled "Life Saving Emergency Info."


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