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Poopy Butt


"Poopy butt" is a condition where the rabbit’s poops cease being solid round balls and are mushy and liquidy. Often the poops will stick to the fur around the rabbits tail and bottom. Poopy butt is usually caused by an upset in the rabbits diet. Try feeding more hay and pellets and fewer fresh veggies to see if it bulks up the poops. If it doesn’t clear up in a day or two, take your rabbit to the vet. Normally rabbits have soft poops called cecals which are eaten straight away. These are different from poopy butt.

This is a picture of runny poop.

If you see this, your rabbit has digestive upset. You should seek veterinary advice ASAP. 

This is a picture of normal fecal pellets (poops).

This picture is of normal cecotropes. Usually, they are ingested as soon as your rabbit excretes them, but they may be left behind if your rabbit is ill. If you find a lot of uneaten cecotropes/cecals, you should consult your vet as your rabbit may have an intestinal problem.


Stasis is a condition where a rabbit does not eat or poop due to an upset in the intestines/stomach. If you notice your rabbit is not eating or pooping and seems dejected and unwell, contact your vet asap. This condition can be fatal, but with the right treatment your rabbit will be ok. This is a good reason to have your rabbits inside the house. It is much easier to see if your rabbit is unwell.

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