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One Too Fat and Too One Skinny

Tips For Feeding Bonded Rabbits

Original Content provided by Mary-Kaye Buchtel
Copyright 2007 – All Rights Reserved


Just because rabbits are bonded doesn't necessarily mean they have the same dietary needs. One rabbit may be quite larger than the other, maybe illness has caused weight loss in one bun while the other is at a healthy weight, or maybe one bunny is more "eager" at mealtime. First ask yourself these questions to help you start down the right path: Who eats faster? Who eats slower? How do they behave when fed? 


Here are some suggestions on how to handle a bonded pair of rabbits that have different dietary needs:

  • Separate during meals:

    • This allows you to be certain your underweight bun is getting enough nourishment while the overweight or healthy bun isn't being overfed.​

    • It also allows you to give the underweight bun any additional food, treats, or supplements without the other bun joining in, too.

  • Feed the underweight bun first so that by the time the overweight bun is done, the underweight bun has had a chance to eat. 

  • Give the overweight bun a healthy treat that will occupy his/her time (like apple branches) while the underweight bun receives additional treats to help with weight gain.

It can take several months to get the buns back to their healthy weights, but if one bunny is just naturally bigger than the other or always manages to push his/her mate around when it comes to food time, then this might have to be part of a more permanent routine.

By tailoring their feeding program depending upon their personalities and preferences, you should be able to help both bunnies maintain their optimal weight!

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