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Litter Box Digging – The Solution

The article below was written by Sam, GHRS member and bunny blogger. Sam is father to buns Bunya, Lucy and Ethel, who have all now crossed the rainbow bridge. You can read their dad's articles at

I have mentioned previously that bunnies may be chewers or diggers. Lucky us, we got both.

As the girls approached their first birthday, their increased personal control significantly reduced the number of free-range poops and they all use the litter box “regularly”. However, “digging” tendencies exercised in their litter box can disrupt their otherwise reasonably clean pen.

If you have a similar experience, let me share another of the many helpful hints from GHRS:

After you clean the litter box (I buy so much vinegar at Costco, I am sure they think I run a salad bar), lay in a couple of thin wire baking racks, like you put your cookies on to cool (except not these racks, anymore)

Now pour in your litter of choice! Equine Pellets are used in the example here.

Cover the bottom just enough to cover the racks.

Now cover with a selection of well tossed hay.

Add bunnies and you’re done!!

Actually, as soon as the box hits the floor, the bunnies add themselves.

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