Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


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It is said that domestic rabbits are the 3rd most popular pet in the United States, falling just behind dogs and cats. Sadly, it is this popularity which also makes them the 3rd most abandoned pet country.

Here at the GHRS we work to not only save bunnies who have been abused and abandoned, but also work to correct the misinformation that circulates about rabbits that so often leads to their abandonment.

There are many ways you can help support our efforts to protect these innocent animals, though monetary donations have an immediate and significant impact on our operations, allowing us to feed, house and supply medical care to our rescue rabbits.

Your donation goes a long way with the GHRS. Being an all volunteer organization means that money raised goes directly to the care of our rescued rabbits and the upkeep of our shelter! When giving to the GHRS you can feel secure in knowing that your hard earned money is being put to good use and making a positive impact! As you can see by the suggested donations below, it doesn’t take a huge amount of money to make a difference, as even a gift of $5 will bring a bunny joy.

Remember, the GHRS is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization, so your donations are tax deductible! Our nonprofit is identified by
EIN# 31-1560163

Below are some suggested levels of giving, as well as an option to choose your donation amount. On behalf of everyone at the Georgia House Rabbit Society, we thank you for the looking out for bunnies in need!


$5 to "Treat" a Bunny!

A $5 donation supplies a bunny with papaya treats for a month's time. Snack time is more than just a tasty nibble for our bunnies, it also encourages positive interaction between our rescue rabbits and GHRS volunteers. The bunnies learn to look forward to their tasty snacks each day, which helps these once abandoned buns learn to love and trust their human caretakers. Seeing these bunnies bounce around in excitement and anticipation is also a morale boast for our volunteers to boot!


$10 for Entertainment Time!

Your $10 donation buys a bunny an array of toys to help keep them happy, occupied and engaged. Plush toys give bunnies something to snuggle with, or toss around if that's their choosing. And chew toys, like apple branches or wooden blocks keep them engaged, prevent boredom and help keep their teeth healthy! Due to the attention they receive, bunny toys do have a short life expectancy and need to be replaced. This $10 donation will supply them with toys for one month


$25 Monthly Maid Service!

For $25 you can keep a bunny's pen clean and tidy for a month! Having a clean living area not only keeps the bunny healthy and happy but also helps create a positive impression on potential adopters and visitors to the Rabbit Center. $25 will supply us with a months worth of cleaning supplies (vinegar, paper towels, detergents for laundry and washing machines etc) that we need to properly take care of a bunny pen.


$50 for Room Service!

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have helped feed a rescue bunny for a month? With a $50 donation you can do just that! This contribution covers the cost of a bunny's pellets, assorted leafy greens and hay (for both eating and litter boxes) for an entire month! With the amount of bunnies we care for, both at the Center and off site in foster and sanctuary homes, the costs for food is significant! Donating to help cover these food expenses is a generous and significant way to contribute to the Rabbit Center!


$100 to Rescue a Rabbit!

This contribution helps rescue a neglected rabbit by covering the cost of their initial vet visit! Each bun we rescue starts their journey with a mandatory trip to the vet. This generous donation provides for the spay or neuter of a newly rescued rabbit and an overall wellness exam that checks for dental issues, injuries and parasitic infections. Since surgery and a clean bill of health is required before our bunnies are placed for adoption, a gift this size directly contributes to the rescue and future happiness of a bun in need!


Choose Your Own Donation

In case none of the options we've listed fit what you had in mind, we've created this option which allows you to choose your own level of giving based on what is comfortable for you. Once directed to Paypal, you can make a one time gift or a reoccurring monthly donation of any amount. All contributions received by the GHRS go directly to the care of our rescue rabbits and upkeep of our shelter in Marietta. As always, we thank you for your support!

Other Ways To Give

There are several ways to support the Georgia House Rabbit Society and each of the helps us continue to rescue rabbits in need. Below you will find other ways in which you can get involved and make a positive impact on fight against rabbit neglect.

20130628-122721.jpg FOSTER

One of the greatest ways to support our rescue efforts is by becoming a GHRS foster home! Limited shelter space means a limited amount of rescues, so we rely on fosters to increase the number of bunnies we save! By opening up your home you literally give a bunny a second chance! Read more about fostering...

volunteer_icon VOLUNTEER

Being an all volunteer organization means that our shelter depends on people like you lending a helping hand. There are many ways you can donate your time and skills to the GHRS! This rewarding work with benefit both you and the bunnies! learn more about volunteer opportunities...


Join us as we work to rescue area rabbits in need! Become a member and become part of our network of compassionate supporters. Receive email updates about our shelter and invitations to general meetings and special events. Membership details are here...


The BTBH campaign has one set goal in mind, to raise enough funds to allow us to purchase the property where we house our Rabbit Center and make it our forever home! By supporting this mission, you'll help make our rabbit rescue a permanent fixture in the community! Donate to BTBH...

20131014-062221.jpgHONOR GIVING

Honor a special bunny, either past or present by donating to the Georgia House Rabbit Society in their name. We have made available a few ways in which you can celebrate the love of your companion as well as contribute to area bunnies in need. Learn more more about these gifts of the heart here...

20131014-070037.jpgPLANNED GIVING

Including the GHRS in your will a meaningful way to continue your support of the GHRS and abandoned bunnies in need. We've put together some information and ideas about planned giving to help you with your estate planning. Click here to read more...

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