Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Foster Care

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20130628-123040.jpgOne of the bigger obstacles our rescue faces is that we have a limited amount of space at our shelter, meaning we can only house, and therefore save, a certain amount of rabbits at any given time. Sadly, we cannot accomadate the number of intake requests that come in so we often have to turn away rabbits in need of rescue or place them on a waiting list in hopes that space will quickly open up, making room for the next rescued bunny.

The solution is this problem is you! By becoming a foster parent and opening up your home to a rabbit in need, you literally give a bunny a second chance!

Need more incentive? Read our article Reasons To Foster!

How Fostering Works

Fostering is relatively simple as well as rewarding! The goal is to simply provide a bunny with a safe, loving environment until space opens up at our shelter. The process starts by filling out and submitting a Foster Application, which can be found below. Once you are approved as a foster home, you will be given a bunny to take home to live with you.

We ask that you care for your foster bunny like you would your own rabbit, which means giving them a comfortable place to live, showering then with love and affection and keeping them healthy and properly cared for. We ask that you are prepared for keeping your foster bunny for a minimum for 3 months though we will work to move your bunny into the shelter as soon as possible. Bunnies who are already given the green light, will also be placed on our sites as available for adoption so we will also be working to find them their forever home even while they are under foster care.

Though fostered bunnies don’t live at our shelter, they are still officially under the care of the GHRS, which means we help provide for their needs! Though you will take on certain responsibilities as a foster, it is not meant to become large financial burden to you. In order to help make sure our rescued bunnies have what they need to be properly cared for, each foster home will get the supplies they will need to keep their guest healthy and happy during their stay. This includes help with pellets, medications if necessary, exercise pens, litter boxes and bowls. We will even take care of the rabbit’s medical expenses if taken to 1 of the 2 animal hospitals that work with our organization!

Foster Home Requirements

Fosters who have not previously adopted from us will need to attend a Bunny 101 class, a short and fun class that teaches the basics of bunny care taking. If you are under age 18, we do ask for your parents consent and that one of them take our Bunny 101 the class along with you. Having access to transportation is a must so that the bunny could be taken to the vet when medically necessary or back to the shelter when needed. We also ask that your foster bunny be given space and time for exercise daily. And maybe most important of all, we ask you shower your foster bunny with love and affection, as we believe each of these rescued bunnies deserve to be made to feel special!

Become A Foster Home

If you would like to apply to become a foster home for the Georgia House Rabbit Society, you will have to fill out our Foster Application. You can either do so online or by mailing in the form. The links to either of these forms is below:



For questions about our Foster Home program, email our Foster Manager

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