Friday, July 25th, 2014

Adoptable Buns

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Below is a partial list of the bunnies we currently have available for adoption. Please keep in mind that our list of adoptable rabbits is in constant flux due to successful adoptions and new intakes. Though we try our best to keep the site updated, there is some lag time between shelter activity and the update of our adoptables list. Some of the bunnies below may have been adopted out recently and there are likely more adorable bunnies at the shelter than are listed below. If you are interested in meeting anyone of our rabbits, please get in touch with us by email or by phone to make sure they are available for viewing and double check on availability. For more information about a bunny, click on any one of their photos to read their bio and view more photos. Please note the some are housed at our Rabbit Center in Marietta and some are being fostered off premises. If the rabbit is housed off site in one of our satellite foster homes, we will set up a meeting so you can be introduced!

Please be sure to read our page on the adoption process to make sure you meet the requirements and are properly prepared for the commitment of bringing one of our lovely buns into your home

We look forward to meeting you!

Photos of our adoptable rabbits are done by Ed Christensen


True to his name, “Buddy” will be your best friend! He is such a sweet, caring, and trusting little Rex bunny that he deserves a home that will take the time to be with him and enjoy his wonderful personality. He is very social and loves to get lots affection from you (especially if you […]

Opal 1

This pretty little girl is Opal. She was abandoned with her 2 brothers at about 3 months old. She is now 6 months old and a good little bunny. Opal loves to have her head rubs first thing in the morning. She wants them before breakfast, and will let her food wait till she gets […]


My name is Kobi! I am a young boy, under 6 months old, and was abandoned with my 2 brothers and sister. I am full of energy and love to explore and find new things that interest me! I am currently at Edgewood Petco, but will be coming back to the shelter in August, so […]


Hello! My name is Penguin and I’m a Netherland Dwarf rabbit! My life hasn’t started out quite as happy as I would have liked. I believe I may have been an Easter Bunny present to some family, and after a while, they didn’t want me anymore, so I was released outside to fend for myself. […]


Zoey is a sweet girl who can’t wait to move into her new home – yours! Petting and treats are her favorite things, along with playtime and naptime. Interested? Fill out an adoption application today!


Vincent is a silly little lionhead looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Peanut. Vincent is friendly and outgoing – he just wants to play with you! He’s a big fan of binkies and toys. Interested? Fill out an adoption application today!


Peanut is a sweet little lop looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Vincent. Peanut is shy at first but will warm up with love and attention. He likes making goofy faces and snacking. Fill out an adoption application today!

Molly (1)

This Beautiful girl is ready for her forever home. More information is coming about her shortly.

Niko & June Bug 2

The eyes have it with this pair of bunnies! Meet Niko and June Bug. This special pair was returned to us because the house cats could not be trusted with them. Niko is a tuxedo rex with blue eyes, and June Bug has eyeliner around one eye, but somehow got distracted and forgot to do […]

Mila Sq

Mila is a growing girl who is young and spunky! She also is a fan of a good nap, and has even fallen asleep (soundly, for about an hour!) in the laps of one of our volunteers. If that volunteer could have taken her home on the spot, she would have – so take advantage […]


Madison is a sweet girl who is our resident breast cancer survivor! She came in with a tumor so big she couldn’t put her back right leg down and had to hop around on three legs. Poor thing! After a trip or two to Dr. Colby, she’s good as new and cancer free! She’s so […]

Mitzi and Manny

Mitzi and Manny were found in February, roaming outside in deep undergrowth in the Willow Trace apartment complex in Duluth, apparently let go outside by previous owners and were fortunately rescued by some great GHRS volunteer rabbit wranglers. They were hungry, wet, cold, extremely dirty, matted and Mitzi was pregnant. Mitzi was able to be […]

Mika 3

Mika is a very sweet male mini-rex, and he’s on the look out for head rubs and ear scratches. Mika is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly once you get to know him (and feed him some treats). He really likes to play with his toys and to stand up on his […]

Sadie and Scruffie

Meet Sadie and Scruffie! These two love to cuddle and kiss. Sadie is your typical girl – sweet and outgoing, loves her stuffed animals and her toys. She’s very good about climbing up, and is still working on that whole “climbing back down” thing. Scruffie is very friendly too and like all healthy, growing boys […]

Zephyr sq

Zephyr says HELLO! When you walk by his pen, the first thing he does is stand up to get a better look at you, and to see if you have any treats to offer him (maybe? please?). He’s an active little Californian – but he’s still young so he’ll grow into those “puppy paws” of […]


Meet Daffodil! This curious girl is very social and friendly. She likes visiting with the other rabbits at the Rabbit Center and loves to explore. Her new year’s resolution is to exercise more, and she does a pretty good job staying active. She would love to stretch, jump, climb, hop and bink around your home. […]

Chi-Cha SQ

Meet Chi-Cha! Chi-Cha is a sweet loveable girl, who loves to play and romp. She enjoys salad, napping, playing with her toys and, most of all, spending time with YOU! She was found outside by a nice couple and has been living with them for several months. They agreed to keep her until Chi-Cha could […]

Papaya 2

Pretty little Papaya had a bit of a rough start, but she hasn’t let that keep her from being one of the sweetest buns we know. She is still very young (less than one year), but grown up enough to have shed any rebelliousness. A bit shy at first, Papaya quickly warms up to gentle […]

Sanchez 1

Sanchez is a silly lionhead who came to us in late December. He is spunky and sweet, and has tons of personality! He loves to bink, and he’s very curious. Sleeping is high on his to-do list, as well as running and playing, and getting some affection from YOU! Sanchez is currently in foster care, […]

Gucci 1

Gucci is a sweet Rex who came to us in late December. He is soft and sweet, and has tons of personality! He loves to bink, and he’s very curious. His gorgeous blue eyes just beg you for treats and head rubs. He is so precious! Gucci is currently in foster care, so please let […]

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