Thursday, July 31st, 2014


Original Post: Hello! My name is Penguin and I’m a Netherland Dwarf rabbit! My life hasn’t started out quite as happy as I would have liked. I believe I may have been an Easter Bunny present to some family, and after a while, they didn’t want me anymore, so I was released outside to fend […]


Original Post: Vincent is a silly little lionhead looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Peanut. Vincent is friendly and outgoing – he just wants to play with you! He’s a big fan of binkies and toys. Interested? Fill out an adoption application today!

Dunkin and Donut sq

We are so happy for Dunkin and Donut! Original Post: Dunkin and Donut are a bonded pair and two of our newest adoptable buns at the Rabbit Center. Dunkin is a sweet dark chocolate female, and Donut is a loving, well, donut colored, male! These two bunnies are devoted to each other, love their vegetables, […]


Original Post: Madison is a sweet girl who is our resident breast cancer survivor! She came in with a tumor so big she couldn’t put her back right leg down and had to hop around on three legs. Poor thing! After a trip or two to Dr. Colby, she’s good as new and cancer free! […]

Mika 3

Original Post: Mika is a very sweet male mini-rex, and he’s on the look out for head rubs and ear scratches. Mika is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly once you get to know him (and feed him some treats). He really likes to play with his toys and to stand up […]

Moses 2

Original Post: Moses is an angora! Have you ever seen one in person? You must! Moses is very, very clean. He’s a calm, laid back bunny who’s friendly and floppy. He likes it when you pet him on top of his head, eating treats, and playing with his toys. Moses will need extra grooming to […]

Vinnie 2

Original Post: Vinny is a very friendly male mini-rex, and he wants you to pay attention to him!! Vinny loves to climb and play, and of course loves to eat. He wants to get to know you better and is not shy about hopping right up to you! He really likes to stand up on […]

Sadie and Scruffie

Original Post: Meet Sadie and Scruffie! These two love to cuddle and kiss. Sadie is your typical girl – sweet and outgoing, loves her stuffed animals and her toys. She’s very good about climbing up, and is still working on that whole “climbing back down” thing. Scruffie is very friendly too and like all healthy, […]

Brownie and Pom-Pom

Original Post: Brownie, a sweet, white and brown male mini rex, and Pom-Pom, a gray, male lionhead with beautiful blue eyes, want to come play with you! These two guys pretty much invented the term “bromance.” They’re best buddies and love to play together. They’re just about one year old. Brownie loves ear rubs and […]

Sanchez 1

Original Post: Sanchez is a silly lionhead who came to us in late December. He is spunky and sweet, and has tons of personality! He loves to bink, and he’s very curious. Sleeping is high on his to-do list, as well as running and playing, and getting some affection from YOU! Sanchez is currently in […]

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