Thanks to everyone who took the time to help try to save Georgia's domestic rabbits from the threat of this disease.

We received almost 400 responses to our poll which provided us a wealth of information to pass on to the task-force! We will be putting together a summary our the meeting with the

Georgia RHDV-2 task-force and share it with you very soon!

On Thursday 8/27/20, The Georgia House Rabbit Society will be speaking to the RHDV-2 task force put together and headed by the State Veterinarian of Georgia. This task force is compiling all of the information from multiple sources to get a clear picture of all rabbit related activity in the state of Georgia.


The reason why this is so very important is because the ONLY vaccines that are being manufactured at this time are NOT AVAILABLE in the United States without a permit to import the vaccine. We need the state veterinarian to sign off this vaccine to bring it to Georgia. We need your voices to help the task force understand how important this is to us so we can save our rabbits!




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