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On August 31st, our Shelter received a frantic phone call from a woman who had found 14 rabbits abandoned inside cardboard boxes at an apartment complex in Stone Mountain. We are so thankful that Fox 5 News Atlanta came to our Shelter to share their story!

26 Rabbits Abandoned at Big Trees Forest Preserve

June 19, 2017

In June, a home video made waves in our Georgia communities when it showed dozens of domesticated rabbits abandoned outside at Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs. This was the second time in just a few weeks that our volunteers had to head to Big Trees to save bunnies from a likely death sentence.

"Here's Why Easter is Bad for Bunnies" by National Geographic

April 12, 2017

Our very own Jennifer McGee, Paul  Ferguson, and Edie Sayeg were consulted by National Geographic for the article "Here's Why Easter is Bad for Bunnies."

The Inspiring Story of Sundance

February 19, 2017

A lot of times we see cute animal videos and "like" and share them without realizing that those animals didn't have happy endings. This is why we were inspired to put together the story of our Sundance. Though the odds were stacked against her, she was, and is, a warrior. We have promised her that we will do everything in our power to make her life nothing but great from now on. That's something we can all be happy about.

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