Our New Class About Home Care and the Healthy Bunny

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: To reserve your spot, please email the instructor listed on the calendar below.


$10 donation (per family)

Bunny 201 starts where Bunny 101 ended. This more in-depth class digs deeper into bunny care and helps to prepare you for medical issues that may arise. This class is highly recommended for all bunny owners!

The classes are taught by HRS Educators and covers:

  • More in-depth knowledge about caring for your rabbit on a routine basis

  • Ways to handle common ailments including stasis and bloat

  • You will learn how to give your bunny a home health exam

    • How to take a temperature

    • How to how to give injections and administer fluids and oral medication

  • What should be included in your home health toolkit

  • Knowing when you can treat an illness and when professional help is needed


A $10 donation covers the cost of supplies, handouts, and a healthy treat package for your buns.

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons usually at the Georgia House Rabbit Society’s Center in Marietta or an offsite location nearby. Class size is limited to 14 participants, so reservations are required.


RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Please email the instructor if you would like to attend.

To see the instructor's email address, click on the Event Times listed below.

Here’s what some people said about Bunny 201:


“If you haven’t yet taken this class, please do it! We took it with Marlene last year and it has saved 2 of our bunnies’ lives already when they had bouts of stasis. It could mean the difference between life or death for your bun! So glad it’s offered.”

“I really learned a lot and am looking forward to having a healthy rabbit!”

“I really enjoyed the diagrams and x-rays about rabbit anatomy.”

“Hopefully I won’t need to gives shots! But at least I know how!”

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