Monday, July 28th, 2014

GHRS To Be Featured On Animal House TV!

We had a special surprise announcement at Bunnyfest on Sunday!  Live by Skype, we learned that GA HRS has been chosen to be one of the first six episodes of a reality concept show named Animal House    Rebecca Rodriquez and Alycia Barlow Hadfield are the creators and producers of the show and they both have a huge love for all animals and film.  They put their two passions... [Read more]

Potter Is Up For Adoption!

Potter is a handsome rex with lots of personality. If you sit on the floor, he will come visit you, and if he really likes you, he will hop in your lap and put his front feet on your chest. Potter needs a home where he gets a lot of attention and time to run around. He likes to get on the furniture to hang out, and he will steal people food off your plate if you aren’t paying attention, so paying... [Read more]

Buddy Is Up For Adoption!

True to his name, “Buddy” will be your best friend! He is such a sweet, caring, and trusting little Rex bunny that he deserves a home that will take the time to be with him and enjoy his wonderful personality. He is very social and loves to get lots affection from you (especially if you whisper sweet nothings to him while you’re petting his super soft fur)…he’ll be sure that you don’t... [Read more]

Opal Is Up For Adoption!

This pretty little girl is Opal. She was abandoned with her 2 brothers at about 3 months old. She is now 6 months old and a good little bunny. Opal loves to have her head rubs first thing in the morning. She wants them before breakfast, and will let her food wait till she gets them. When it’s time for her bedtime papaya treat, she tastes the first one and it takes her a while to decide to... [Read more]

Kobi Is Up For Adoption!

My name is Kobi! I am a young boy, under 6 months old, and was abandoned with my 2 brothers and sister. I am full of energy and love to explore and find new things that interest me! I am currently at Edgewood Petco, but will be coming back to the shelter in August, so please call ahead if you want to visit with me at either place.  Read More →

Petco Team Members Needed!

Petco Team Members Needed Want to volunteer a couple hours a week close to your home and spend some time with our wonderful foster bunnies? We are fortunate to be partnered with the Petco Foundation and to have our foster bunnies in several metro Atlanta stores. We are taking applications for additional Petco Team Members to assist in caring for our bunnies in several new locations, Cumming, East... [Read more]

Penguin Has Been Adopted!

Original Post: Hello! My name is Penguin and I’m a Netherland Dwarf rabbit! My life hasn’t started out quite as happy as I would have liked. I believe I may have been an Easter Bunny present to some family, and after a while, they didn’t want me anymore, so I was released outside to fend for myself. I was found outside in a subdivision not too long after the Easter holiday by a nice GHRS volunteer... [Read more]

Zoey Is Up For Adoption!

Zoey is a sweet girl who can’t wait to move into her new home – yours! Petting and treats are her favorite things, along with playtime and naptime. Interested? Fill out an adoption application today!  Read More →

Vincent Has Been Adopted!

Original Post: Vincent is a silly little lionhead looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Peanut. Vincent is friendly and outgoing – he just wants to play with you! He’s a big fan of binkies and toys. Interested? Fill out an adoption application today!  Read More →

Peanut Is In A Trial Bonding!

Peanut is a sweet little lop looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Vincent. Peanut is shy at first but will warm up with love and attention. He likes making goofy faces and snacking. Fill out an adoption application today!  Read More →

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