Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Pairs of Hares! Our Springtime Bonded Bunny Promotion

It’s springtime in Georgia and love is in the air! To celebrate the season, the Georgia House Rabbit Society is running a promotion on all of our bonded pairs of bunnies. During the months of March and April, we are reducing the adoption fee for a bonded pair of rabbits to $100, or you can choose the full adoption fee of $130 and get a free x-pen! Please note this is for already bonded pairs... [Read more]

Easter and Rabbits Do Not Mix So Make Mine Chocolate!

The following was taken from the article “Easter and Rabbits Do Not Mix” at - The House Rabbit Society strongly urges parents not to buy their children live “Easter bunnies” unless they are willing to make a 10-year commitment to properly care for the animals. Each year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks are purchased as Easter gifts only to be abandoned or left... [Read more]

Easter’s On It’s Way

This familiar tune signals Spring, a time of re-birth and renewal, but, for rabbit rescue groups across the United States, the tune is a harbinger of dread. Every year, well-intentioned parents succumb to their children’s pleas for a bunny without fully considering the needs of these fragile creatures. Within a few short months, the rabbits they’ve purchased to delight their children have become... [Read more]

Think You Want An Easter Bunny?

Want an Easter Bunny? Adopt – Don’t Shop Responsible rabbit ownership requires education and commitment. We know how hard it is to resist that cute little ball of fur with the shiny eyes, twitching nose, and silky ears, especially at Easter, but before you give in to that voice in your head that says a rabbit will be cuddly and easy and inexpensive, come on over to the Georgia House Rabbit Society... [Read more]

Mitzi and Manny Are Up For Adoption!

Mitzi and Manny were found in February, roaming outside in deep undergrowth in the Willow Trace apartment complex in Duluth, apparently let go outside by previous owners and were fortunately rescued by some great GHRS volunteer rabbit wranglers. They were hungry, wet, cold, extremely dirty, matted and Mitzi was pregnant. Mitzi was able to be spayed safely, Manny was neutered and they were reunited... [Read more]

Mika Is Up For Adoption!

Mika is a very sweet male mini-rex, and he’s on the look out for head rubs and ear scratches. Mika is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly once you get to know him (and feed him some treats). He really likes to play with his toys and to stand up on his back legs so he can look taller – and get those treats you have in your hand! Mika is probably under a year old, and is a lot of fun.  Read More →

Moses Has Been Adopted!

Original Post: Moses is an angora! Have you ever seen one in person? You must! Moses is very, very clean. He’s a calm, laid back bunny who’s friendly and floppy. He likes it when you pet him on top of his head, eating treats, and playing with his toys. Moses will need extra grooming to keep his beautiful fur under control. Since we offer grooming services here at the Rabbit Center, we can... [Read more]

Vinny Is Up For Adoption!

Vinny is a very friendly male mini-rex, and he wants you to pay attention to him!! Vinny loves to climb and play, and of course loves to eat. He wants to get to know you better and is not shy about hopping right up to you! He really likes to stand up on his back legs so he can look taller – and get those treats you have in your hand! Vinny is probably under a year old, and is a lot of fun.  Read More →

Sadie and Scruffie Are Up For Adoption!

Meet Sadie and Scruffie! These two love to cuddle and kiss. Sadie is your typical girl – sweet and outgoing, loves her stuffed animals and her toys. She’s very good about climbing up, and is still working on that whole “climbing back down” thing. Scruffie is very friendly too and like all healthy, growing boys we know, loves his food! They are very clean bunnies (bonus!) and are... [Read more]

Zephyr Is Up For Adoption!

Zephyr says HELLO! When you walk by his pen, the first thing he does is stand up to get a better look at you, and to see if you have any treats to offer him (maybe? please?). He’s an active little Californian – but he’s still young so he’ll grow into those “puppy paws” of his! He’s very curious and loves to explore. Like most bunnies, he likes to play with his... [Read more]

Daffodil Is Up For Adoption!

Meet Daffodil! This curious girl is very social and friendly. She likes visiting with the other rabbits at the Rabbit Center and loves to explore. Her new year’s resolution is to exercise more, and she does a pretty good job staying active. She would love to stretch, jump, climb, hop and bink around your home. When she’s done with her workout routine, she can’t wait to flop down next... [Read more]

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